Five reasons to start a successful business with Wai Thai

  1. Wai Thai is big and dynamic network of franchising Thai massage salons. We were the first who started franchising activity in this area in Russia. We have opened 42 new salons of Thai massage showing our sustainable development since October, 2010.
  2. Wai Thai is the Thai massage network having its own Employment and bringing agency for Thai massage therapists as a business basis. It means that the key element of our business– Thai massage therapists- are selected and documented on the best conditions. Bringing massage therapists does not depend on any third parties and our franchise continuously draw the best Thai SPA specialists.
  3. Relatively small amount of initial investment, reasonable lumpsum payment and royalty allow to have a pay back in a short term (2-3 working month) and receive an investment in a period from 12 to 18 months.
  4. Wai Thai constantly works on the brand development, runs PR-specials and promotion support aiming the network development.
  5. And, the last, but not the least, Wai Thai is a team of likeminded people! You can find businessmen of any specialization among Wai Thai franchise. Normally, each of us has implemented more than one successful project. We are united by a common idea, a unified business approach, and, of course, joint meetings, discussions and corporate trips.

Little history

  • First Wai Thai salon was opened in October 2010 on Fadeeva Street in the centre of Moscow
  • Now there are 42 salons in the network
  • Network’s rate of growth is 115% (CAGR) for 2012

Темпы роста сети за 2012 (CAGR)

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